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Welcome to The Big Kitchen Table!

When you walk into my kitchen, you are warmly invited in by The Big Kitchen Table. My table that seats eight, is a family heirloom that my Great Aunt- Teta Desanka, gifted me for my wedding. The table was an antique when she purchased it about 50 years ago. It is where life happened in her house. The family ate their meals on the table, meals was prepped there, homework was done on the table, cocktail glasses wet with condensation made marks on it, and cigarettes were accidentally set on the table until an ash tray was found. It is where newspapers were read with coffee every morning, and wonderful dinners were served "family style". Many family political battles happened at the table, and stories from the "old country" were told. The marks of life can still be seen on the table, and I would never resurface or change it. Smiles, tears, good news, bad news, fun, good food, holidays, hot summers, rainy days, cold winters, family members and lots of love, hugs and kis

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